Claudia Heland (*1966)

Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CLMA)

Instructor Fe Reichelt Morning Exercises

Performer with body, pencil, words

Journalist TV & Print

Art historian M.A.


My work is based on the teaching and research approaches of Fe Reichelt and Rudolf von Laban & Irmgard Bartenieff, whom I got to know in thorough training and self-education and are constantly deepening.


I complement creatively and intuitively with my movement experiences from performance, contact improvisation, dance, Qi Gong, yoga, fitness, endurance running, cycling, etc. My students and coaching clients also benefit from the fact that I have a wealth of experience around mental healing, self-healing, inner processes of change, shifts in consciousness, etc.


I live in concrete connection with the spiritual level of life, which opens up to me through my sensitivity and guides me. Due to this intensive perception as an empath, I prefer small teaching groups and individual coaching, also so that my client or student can get the greatest possible benefit from my abilities.


I draw motivation from my joie de vivre, love of humanity and the unshakeable belief in change and movement as THE principles of life.


Photo: P. Weller; Portray photo: Sarah Engler