Elisita Smailus


Diploma in Social Economy (1987), Social Dance Therapist (ZW-tk, 1990), Certified Movement Analyst (CMA - Berlin 1997), Diploma of Advanced Studies TanzKultur (2008) and Master of Advanced Studies TanzKultur (University Bern, 2011).


Continued studies for Moving Cycle Practioner (University Heidelberg, 2013-15) and in Kestenberg Movement Profile (St. Gallen, 2013). Choreological Summer Studies at Trinity Laban London (2008/2009/2010). Training in Vocal Dance and Voice Movement Integration (Amsterdam, 2001-2003). Since 2012 in training to become a Creative Soma-Therapist, Germany.


Working freelance in the field of educative arts and social therapy in Switzerland and Germany: 

Assistantship in CMA-Program (Berlin, 1999/2000).

Conception and conduction of the yearly based 5-weekend-format LABart-Basic program "Connected Body - Dynamic Form in Space" - overall eight times: (Freiburg/Emmendingen, 1998/2000/2002/2004 - Lugano, 2008/2009/2010 - Karlsruhe, 2014).

Teaching LBMS and creative dance at a private Movement Teacher Training School (Zurich, 1999-2005).

Teaching the "Basic Body Work" weekend module in a social dance therapy program (Freiburg, 2004/2007/2010); Guest teacher for the Laban Movement Analysis modules in a dance therapy program (Hamburg, 2012-2014).

Assistantship in a dance and art therapy program (Gunzenhausen, 2016-18).