Eva Blaschke


She is a dancer, dance teacher and has a Masters Degree in Education. She is trained in Modern Dance, New Dance (USA), LBMS (CMA/Berlin), Contact Improvisation, Trapeze Dance (with Clover Catskill) and Gyrokinesis (a dynamic form of Yoga).

Since 1994 she has been performing in Germany and other countries with different interdisciplinary ensembles with mutual dialogue between dance, music and space, for example the Slices-Ensemble, the Performancebühne Berlin, the Airborn Dancers and the Global Water Dances Berlin.

She has been teaching introductory LBMS courses since 1994 at Tanzfabrik Berlin and has been teaching as a guest in the EUROLAB Certificate Program since 2005. Since 1999 she has been teaching in the fields of education and health care and since 2007 in the “Dance Intensive” program of Tanzfabrik Berlin. Her concern is connecting bodywork with dance as well as bodywork and coaching on a very deep level. The coaching can be a choreographic one, where she helps artists to clarify and intensify their artistic expression in their work - or it can be in the field of management, together with the Business Coach Caroline Meder.