Gabriele Gierz


M.F.A. in dance from OSU in Ohio, dance pedagogy for Modern Expressive Dance in Vienna and undergraduate studies of German Literature in Hamburg.

Gabriele Gierz is a freelance choreographer, dance teacher, performer and movement analyst (CLMA 2018).


She is interested in working with non-trained dancers in a professional stage environment. 

Lately, she has researched the topic of dancing and age(ing) in relation to one’s understanding of the body and how its „materiality“ is used in dance. She challenges the common notions of what constitutes a „dancer“ and expectations about how a dancer’s body should be.


Her dance company My Way Ensemble is a permanent group consisting of 14

dancers aged between 69 and 91 years. She has developed stage work with an individualized potential for expression and an authentic, self-developed, dance vocabulary that springs from contemporary dance. She uses LBMS mostly to facilitate diversity and intricacy in her choreographic choices and to enhance the variety of movement material offered by her dancers.


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