Jennifer Bär


Dance and Movement Therapist

HP in Psychotherapy, CLMA



In the area of psychotherapy and healing she is working in her own Praxis since 2006 and as freelancer since 2015 also in clinics focused on psychosomatics and trauma. She is leading workshops for people in crisis and a group in dance therapy biweekly. She also teaching kids dance twice a week and creating & organising conscious dance events.

Since 2014 she is managing a small, independent dance studio in Prenzlauer Berg, Studio K77, and teaching children´s dance classes in Aziza-tanzt.


"My vision is to give DANCE the same stand as Yoga or Pilates have nowadays and help people to discover the power of healing, of creating, of vitality in movement/ dance. I want to help people to come back to and in their bodies and find joy in moving without competition...

And another vision  is to empower kids and youth through movement, awareness and help them through the transitions in her childhood by being more aware and trusting their intuition."