Marieke Delannoy


Marieke Delannoy is a CLMA since october 2009.

At the moment she has several jobs, all influenced by LBBS. Marieke is:

- a dance therapist

in U-center, a private clinic for people with psychological problems such as burn-out. She is a member of the NVDAT (society for dance therapy). In this work she uses LBBS as an observation tool, and to help her decide which themes to work on.

- a dance teacher: She mostly teaches expressive and (Laban-based) modern dance. LBBS inspires her, helps in observing and giving structure in the dance classes.

- a choreographer: She works with adolescents on a youth theatre project. She works with them on movement material what will eventually be part of a theatre production. LBBS is her tool for observing, making decisions in movement themes and working on choreography.

- a trainer: She gives courses in primary schools to help children being confident, reduce bullying and create a good atmosphere in the group. She works mostly with movement exercises.

- an assistant for EUROLAB certification.

- LMA and BF teacher: She gives Laban and BF introduction courses and workshops.