Rena Milgrom



Graduated at LIMS, N.Y. (2011) and completed Dance-Movement Therapy training in Prague. Rena comes from the dance background, where she specialized in several Asian dance forms and rituals and their research (2002-2011). Since 2002 she is a founder, teacher and dance/movement therapist in her DanceLab studio in Prague, holding improvisations, dance and voice laboratory.

Rena’s work is currently focused on somatic movement and therapy education, improvisation and the discipline of Authentic Movement. She is a founder of “Conscious Body” somatic educational program in the Czech Republic  and a co-founder of “BODYVOICE” international program, connecting voice and movement integration. Rena is guest-teaching internationally ( Germany, Belgium, Israel) and as a dance therapist she is working since 2015 with Parkinson patients in Prague.

Thru her NGO Open field, Rena is creating a Czech Somatic Platform and organizing Somatic Fest Praha (