Riina Koivisto


Riina Koivisto is a Finnish choreographer, dancer, improviser and movement analyst (certified Laban/Bartenieff movement analyst, LIMS New York 1997) working in Paris, France. She has studied dance, somatic methods and visual arts in Finland, USA and France. After many years working with several choreographs in France, Belgium and in Finland, she created her dance-company Compagnie Kivitasku in 2002 and since she has produced several pieces. 

You can find her choreographic work: www.ciekivitasku.com

She is especially interested to create the “bridges” between different arts: between dance and sculpture, dance and comic strips, dance and music/voice, dance and literature.

She teaches contemporary dance and gives regularly dance and movement analysis workshops in France, Finland, Greece and Belgium. She has a PhD in dance from Paris 8 University and she gives regularly workshops in the universities in Finland and in Paris.