Vincenzo Bellia


Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CLMA) since 2020.


Medical Doctor (1985), Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist (1989).


Dance Movement Therapist (DMT) since 1991, certified by FAC Certifica (2012). First trained with France Schott-Billmann, he deepened the Expression Primitive discipline with its founder, Herns Duplan (1994-1999). Founding Member of the Italian DMT Professional Associations APID and ARTE.


Founder of the Relational Expressive DMT methodology, author of 6 books on DMT (between 1995 and 2021), Director of the DMT-ER® Training School in Rome (since 1997).


Teacher of Group Analysis at the COIRAG School of Psychotherapy in Palermo, Italy (since 2003). Former lecturer in the Universities Paris V René Descartes (1996-2012) and Aosta, Italy (2006-2013).


As DMT, he has been working since 1991 with mental disorders.

He holds regular international collaborations with Turin University (since 2016), Rakhawy Institute for Training & Research in Cairo, Egypt (since 2017), IRPECOR, France (since 1998), l’Atelier, Geneve (since 2016), Step Together, Lebanon (2019).


Registered by CSEN as dance teacher.


As CLMA, he integrates LBMS competencies in his Dance Movement Therapy work, both in the clinical and in the educational fields.